How to Find Hidden Text Messages on an iPhone

Romantic text messages are SMS (short message service) text messages that communicate your romantic feelings about someone instantly. They can come in a variety of forms. They can range from cute and flirty to romantic and sweet. These romantic messages are fantastic because they are condensed versions of what can be conveyed in a handwritten love letter yet without losing any of its power and effectiveness. Romantic text messages are Love Letters 2.0 for the 21st century. how to find hidden text messages on phone

Romantic text messages can be used to creatively transition a relationship in the intended direction of the sender. A text can simply say “I Love You”. But even better, is to followup with a series of romantic SMS messages that go into deeper detail of why you love that person and how they make you feel.

Romantic text messages are terrific because they are not limited to just Valentine’s Day. These are love texts that can be sent anytime. And since they are short and convenient, it makes sending them that much easier.

Here are 3 Reasons To Send Romantic Text Messages:

1. Reignite Passion or Regain Love Lost

Romantic texts are excellent tools to reignite passion or melt a heart that has grown cold. Relationships can become stagnate if we are not careful. Putting in the effort to keep things exciting can bring wonderful rewards back to you. Giving the object of your affection unexpected attention via a text message can put positive thoughts of you in their mind when they least expect it… Thoughts that can literally linger throughout the day, or night.

In the instance of trying to get your ex back, regain love lost or save a romantic relationship, a thoughtfully, crafted text sent can turn a situation where all appears lost into a relationship worth salvaging. Making the initial move and being the first to “step up” by sending a romantic message can show willingness to start fresh, thus opening the door to further communication.

2. Get Someone’s Attention

Instead of jumping in with romantic or sexy text messages initially, you may want to test the waters and send a flirtatious message first to see what kind of response you will receive. Sending a flirty text can cause someone to see you in a new or different light. It can be as simple as texting, “You look really beautiful (or handsome) today,” or “Thinking of you”.

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