Best Auto Focus Portrait Camera – The F19 Pro


The OPPO F19 Pro is a great starter digital camera for people looking to create some amazing videos. It comes with a wide-angle lens which is really super sharp and helps you to zoom into any object to capture the most clear details. This makes it ideal for video editing as you can manipulate the videos you make with ease. In this article I will show you how to buy the F19 Pro + video editor from the OPPO website. Here are my two tips on how you can save yourself some serious cash by buying from a Chinese seller online. F19 Pro

The first thing you need to know about this wonderful Chinese made device is that the F19 Pro has two different memory modes – MiniDV and Pro mode. The MiniDV is the regular mode which does not expandable to any additional Cameras and only records in the Standard Definition format. The Pro mode on the other hand expandsable to 4 Cameras, each having their own recording space. The best part is though is that the F19 Pro also has two cameras which means you get to record 2 hours of action with little worry of running out of space.

When you open the box, there are two things that you will probably like – the F19 Pro and the Qiyan Battle Arena Android Smartphone. The first thing you will notice is that this is a high-end smartphone that looks really good. It is the perfect companion for professional filmmakers. It has a very solid build which makes it capable of withstanding bumps and bruises. The body is also covered with a non-skid back covering which adds to its safety.

The camera incorporated in the F19 Pro is the same one used in the High Resolution Shadow Camera iPhone which makes this gadget truly versatile. This camera also has the ability to shoot in either Night Plus or Day mode. In Night Plus mode, it records in high definition format but with reduced picture quality due to the absence of infrared LEDs. In Day Plus mode, the LED lights are permitted to give better night vision. The battery of the F19 Pro is yet another advantage worth noting.

This smartphone has a lithium ion battery which offers long-lasting sessions even when the usage is heavy. This means that even when the battery of this camera gets low, you can still carry out your shooting session. The lithium ion battery enables fast charge and discharge times of the F 19 Pro. This is why this model can be used for both professional and personal purposes.

However, one must also mention the disadvantages of the F 19 Pro as well. The camera’s size is not proportionate to its weight making it feel heavier than it actually is. Also, the lack of flash makes it unable to create a professional looking portrait when the light is not sufficient. But with a lot of practice, you will surely master the use of the auto focus feature of this smartphone and make the most of its functions.

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