A General Guide To The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is a very interesting topic, especially for those interested in horoscopes. Similar to the Western Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac uses a 12-stage cycle to describe personality types and compatibilities. However, the Chinese version of the Zodiac has many unique differences when compared to the Western version. preethi zodiac mg 218

Instead of dividing the 12 stages as months of the year, the Chinese divide the 12 stages yearly. Each year is then assigned an animal, and a set of personality traits. This concept is best described with an example:

Let’s say there is a guy named Jeff. Jeff happened to be born in 1988. In the zodiac, 1988 is the year of the dragon. Thus, Jeff can be said to be a Dragon, and his personality traits are described as those of the Dragon, which include: passionate, vigorous, proud, and many more…

On top of these yearly cycles, there are also monthly and even hourly cycles. The monthly cycle describes a person’s “inner animal” while the hourly cycles determine a person’s “secret animal.” These different cycles produce a total of 8,640 different combinations.

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